In the heart of December 2023, as the festive spirit sweeps the nation, a unique financial celebration is underway. Some U.S. states are unwrapping special gifts for their residents in the form of stimulus checks and tax rebates. This financial infusion can brighten the holiday season for many, but the real question is, who’s playing Santa this December and how much is in the bag? Join us on this insightful journey as we explore the states, the amounts, and the timelines for these economic surprises.

Tax Rebates Stimulus Across U.S. States Dec-23

Alabama’s Tax Rebates-Refund Extravaganza:

Our first stop on this fiscal sleigh ride is Alabama, where tax refund checks will start their journey to residents on December 1. To partake in this financial feast, state taxpayers must have filed their 2021 Individual Income Tax return, and the state Department of Taxation should have received it on or before October 17, 2022. The gift? Up to $300 for joint filers and $150 for single taxpayers. If you’ve opted for direct deposit, anticipate the funds flowing into your bank account; otherwise, the refund, like a handwritten letter, will find its way to your mailbox.

Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD):

Venturing north, we find Alaska distributing its 2023 Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) of $1,312. If you have a dividend claim marked “Eligible-Unpaid” on December 6, worry not, for on December 14, a financial boon will be at your doorstep. Alaska’s approach, akin to a winter windfall, ensures that its residents reap the rewards, providing a seasonal boost.

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Montana’s Continuous Refund Flow:

In the vast expanse of Montana, individual income tax refunds have been flowing since June, bringing individual taxpayers a windfall of $1,250 or the amount on line 20 of Form 2, whichever is less. Married couples filing jointly receive $2,500 or the amount on line 20, creating a steady stream of financial relief that extends into the month of December.

New Mexico’s Refund Radiance:

Meanwhile, New Mexico has been illuminating its residents’ finances with refunds since June. Single taxpayers filing a 2021 Personal Income Tax (PIT) return are eligible for a $500 refund, while joint filers can bask in the glow of a $1,000 refund. The eligibility window extends until May 31, 2024, allowing residents ample time to file and receive their financial illumination by December.

Washington’s Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC) Deadline:

The Evergreen State, Washington, offers its residents the chance to apply for the Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC) until the end of December. Ranging from $50 to $1,200, this recurring program is a beacon of financial support. However, claimants should note that processing may take up to 90 days, so timely applications are key to receiving this year-end reward.

Table: Overview of December Stimulus Checks and Tax Rebates

StateStimulus TypeAmountEligibility CriteriaDeadline
AlabamaTax RefundUp to $300 (Joint), $150 (Single)Filed 2021 Income Tax by Oct 17, 2022December 1
AlaskaPermanent Fund Dividend (PFD)$1,312Eligible-Unpaid status on Dec 6, Distribution on Dec 14December 14
MontanaIncome Tax Refund$1,250 (Individual), $2,500 (Joint)Ongoing refunds through DecemberOngoing
New MexicoPersonal Income Tax Refund (PIT)$500 (Single), $1,000 (Joint)File 2021 PIT return by May 31, 2024May 31, 2024
WashingtonWorking Families Tax Credit (WFTC)$50 – $1,200Apply by December 31, Allow 90 days for processingDecember 31
December Stimulus Checks and Tax Rebates


As the winter winds whisper tales of financial surprises, these states are stepping up to ensure their residents experience a December to remember. Alabama, Alaska, Montana, New Mexico, and Washington are weaving a tapestry of fiscal delights, bringing forth stimulus checks and tax rebates. Whether you’re in the Heart of Dixie, the Last Frontier, Big Sky Country, the Land of Enchantment, or the Evergreen State, December promises to be more than just a festive month—it’s a month of financial cheer. As we bid adieu to 2023, let the echoes of tax rebates and stimulus checks resonate, providing a warm glow that lingers well into the New Year.

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