Many businesses worldwide are affected, including winemakers in California and tech startups in the UK.

Global impact on businesses

Loans and credit for startups

The bank provided loans and credit to startups, including many in the cryptocurrency industry.

Struggling to manage finances

Its collapse has left many struggling to manage their finances, with some struggling to pay employees.

Regulators seeking a buyer

Regulators are trying to find a buyer for the bank, and the Bank of England promised to pay out eligible depositors.

UK startups affected

UK startups woke up to find the bank's UK business would no longer accept deposits or make payments.

Concerns for vineyards in California

Vineyards in California are also affected, with concerns for smaller vintners who rely on the bank for lines of credit.

Scrambling for alternative funding

Businesses are scrambling to find alternative sources of funding, and some may have to furlough employees.

Importance of multiple bank partners

The importance of having multiple banks as partners is emphasized.

Businesses need to be prepared for sudden changes in their banking relationships.

Preparing for sudden changes

Silicon Valley Bank has caused significant distress for businesses worldwide. The situation highlights the need for multiple banking partners for sudden changes in banking relationships.