As Black Friday approaches, the anticipation for fantastic deals is at an all-time high. While many are eyeing the latest gadgets and trendy clothing, there’s a surprise contender joining the Black Friday excitement – none other than KFC! That’s right, get ready for a mouthwatering twist to your shopping spree with KFC’s irresistible buy-one-get-one-free buckets of chicken across Canada.

Crispy Deals: KFC's Black Friday Bucket Extravaganza and McDonald's Fry Frenzy!

Finger-Lickin’ Good Savings

Imagine this: you’re out and about, navigating the Black Friday chaos, and suddenly you’re hit with the aroma of KFC’s iconic fried chicken. Well, you’re in luck! From November 23 to 27, KFC is offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on six-, 10-, or 14-piece buckets. All you need to do is place your order through the KFC website or app for in-store pick-up. And if you’re in the mood for a cozy night in, fret not – the deal extends to delivery through SkipTheDishes, Uber Eats, or DoorDash.

This Black Friday, indulge in a feast of crispy, golden goodness without breaking the bank. It’s not just about tech and fashion; your taste buds deserve a treat too!

McDonald’s Joins the Freebies Fiesta on Black Friday

But that’s not all on the menu of delightful surprises. McDonald’s is keeping the freebies flowing with their “Free Fries Friday” offer. Every Friday from October 27 to December 29, you can snag a free medium order of McDonald’s famous fries with any purchase. Yes, you heard it right – free fries every Friday to cap off your week with a salty, crispy delight.

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To partake in this fry frenzy, simply download the McDonald‘s app, create an account, and voila! The offer will be waiting for you every Friday. A minimum purchase of $1 is all it takes to unlock this delicious deal. Keep in mind, though, that if you opt for the free fries, you’ll have to skip other app deals on the same day.

A Feast for Your Palate and Wallet

As you navigate through your Black Friday adventures, take a moment to savor these delectable offers from KFC and McDonald’s. It’s not just about seizing discounts on gadgets; it’s about relishing the simple joys – like a bucket of finger-lickin’ good chicken or a free portion of McDonald’s crispy fries.

So, whether you’re hustling through the mall or cozied up at home with your laptop, let your taste buds revel in the feast that these iconic fast-food chains are offering. It’s a Black Friday celebration for your palate and your wallet!

As the shopping frenzy ensues, don’t miss out on these limited-time culinary delights. After all, a satisfying meal is the perfect way to cap off a day of deals and discounts.

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