The world has been recently shaken with the news of China’s high-altitude balloon program for intelligence collection that’s connected to the People’s Liberation Army. This program, according to John Kirby, coordinator for strategic communications at the National Security Council in the White House, has been operating for some time now, but was not detected by the previous administration. The U.S. intelligence community was directed by President Joe Biden to do a broad assessment of Chinese intelligence capabilities, and they were able to uncover the existence of this balloon program.

Uncovering China Surveillance Balloon Program: A Threat to National Security

The Chinese surveillance balloons have been reported to have crossed over dozens of countries on multiple continents around the world, including some of the closest allies and partners of the U.S. This development has caused the U.S. to consult with its allies and partners on the challenge of identifying aerial phenomenon and the President has directed the secretary of state, secretary of defense, and the director of national intelligence to engage with their counterparts to share information. The President, through his national security adviser, has also directed an interagency team to study the broader policy implications for detection, analysis, and disposition of unidentified aerial objects that pose either safety or security risks.

The U.S. military recently announced that they had recovered critical electronics from the suspected Chinese spy balloon downed by a U.S. fighter jet off South Carolina’s coast on Feb. 4, which included key sensors presumably used for intelligence gathering. The Chinese balloon was flying over the United States and Canada for a week before President Biden ordered it to be shot down. This incident led to the U.S. military scouring the skies for other objects that were not being captured by radar, resulting in an unprecedented three shootdowns in three days between Friday and Sunday.

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Slow-moving, high-altitude objects, like the Chinese spy balloon, are difficult to track by radar, but the tracking methods by North American Aerospace Defense Command radar are improving. The U.S. military and the Biden administration have acknowledged that much about the most recent unmanned objects remains unknown, including how they stay aloft, who built them, and whether they may have been collecting intelligence.

Date Wise Ballon/UFO

Jan. 29, 2023

  • A mysterious object was spotted flying over the United States.
  • The object was described as having a “strange aura.”
  • The U.S. military confirmed that they were tracking the object.

Feb. 1, 2023

  • Reports of a strange, glowing object in the sky were reported in multiple states across the United States.
  • The object was seen moving in a way that suggested it was not a typical aircraft.
  • The U.S. military was unable to explain the object’s origins.

Feb. 4, 2023

  • A suspected Chinese surveillance balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina by a U.S. fighter jet.
  • The Chinese government denied that the balloon was a spy vessel.
  • The U.S. military recovered critical electronics and key sensors from the balloon.

Feb 10,2023 : Another UFO

Feb. 11, 2023

  • John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council, announced that the U.S. intelligence community had assessed China’s intelligence capabilities and discovered a high-altitude balloon program for intelligence collection that was connected to the People’s Liberation Army.
  • Kirby stated that the balloons had crossed over dozens of countries on multiple continents, including some of the U.S.’s closest allies and partners.
  • The U.S. government was consulting with allies and partners to address the issue of unidentified aerial phenomenon and to study the policy implications for their detection, analysis, and disposition.
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Feb 12, 2023:

  • The US is continuing efforts with Canada in recovering remnants of aerial objects shot down by fighter jets over the past several days, including the Chinese surveillance balloon that was shot down on February 4th. These objects are located in remote and wintry terrain, making the salvage operations difficult. The US administration is also continuing to brief members of Congress and relevant state governors on what is being learned from these salvage efforts.
  • Another UFO

The existence of China’s global surveillance balloon program poses a serious threat to national security and must be taken seriously. The U.S. government, along with its allies and partners, must redouble their efforts to understand and mitigate these events to ensure the safety and security of their citizens. The administration must also continue to brief members of Congress and relevant state governors on what is being learned from the salvage efforts.

In conclusion, the discovery of China’s global surveillance balloon program is a wake-up call to the world that we must be vigilant and proactive in ensuring the safety and security of our citizens. We must work together to uncover the truth and take the necessary actions to protect ourselves from any potential threats.

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