Peter Jones CBE is a well-known British entrepreneur and investor, who is best known as one of the “dragons” on the BBC TV show “Dragons’ Den”. His entrepreneurial journey started at a young age when he dreamt of becoming a successful businessman at the age of 7 while sitting at his father’s desk pretending to do deals.

Peter Jones CBE: Shark Tank USA

SHARK TANK – “1302” – Peter Jones, global business tycoon and original Dragon from BBC’s “Dragon’s Den” (the U.K. version of “Shark Tank”), brings his expertise from across the pond into the Tank in an all-new episode. First into the Tank are entrepreneurs from Chattanooga, Tennessee, who think their gift of music is sure to make their dreams come true when they introduce their one-of-a-kind custom song service to the Sharks.

Peter Jones Business Journey

Entrepreneurs from Sacramento, California, pitch their helpful work-from-home product that increases productivity, boosts confidence and decreases interruptions. A proper sibling duo from Austin, Texas, present their convenient and healthy meal service that does not require refrigeration, mailed directly to your door while siblings from Seabrook, New Hampshire, hope to hook the Sharks with their apparel company focused on helping clean the world’s oceans on  “Shark Tank,” airing FRIDAY, OCT. 15 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Christopher Willard) PETER JONES

Jones started his first business at the age of 16, followed by his second business before his 18th birthday. His early success led him to build a multimillion-dollar computer business in his early 20s, which unfortunately resulted in him losing everything when he was 29. Despite this setback, Jones joined Siemens Nixdorf and quickly rose to become one of the youngest-ever executives to run the PC Business in the UK.

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At the age of 32, Jones started his own business again, Phones International Group, which became one of the fastest-growing enterprises in Europe with annual sales exceeding $400 million within five years. Today, Jones runs his own investment group and has interests in a broad range of companies in a variety of sectors ranging from technology and entertainment to publishing and food brands. His investments generate sales of more than $500 million employing thousands of people.

Peter Jones’s Catch Pharse

Jones is known for his catchphrase “there’s no such thing as failure, only feedback,” which highlights his positive outlook towards failure and the lessons that can be learned from it. He has personally invested in more than 50 businesses and is regarded as one of the most beloved and recognizable founding Dragons on the hit BBC TV show “Dragons’ Den,” which has run for 18 seasons.

In addition to his business interests, Jones is an avid philanthropist and has founded The Peter Jones Foundation, a charity that has raised millions of pounds to help thousands of young people have a chance of a brighter future. He also opened the doors to the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy after developing Britain’s first BTEC qualification in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, which has provided thousands of young people with the skills and knowledge they need to start their own businesses.

Overall, Peter Jones CBE is a true inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, with his incredible journey and success story. He has shown that with hard work, determination, and a positive attitude, anyone can achieve their dreams and make a significant impact in their chosen field.

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