As we sail through the economic waters of December, investors eagerly await the signals from the upcoming November jobs report – a compass guiding them through the uncertain seas of market dynamics. The term “Soft Landing” is poised to take center stage, with a pivotal week ahead featuring earnings reports from industry giants like J.M. Smucker, GameStop, Lululemon, Dollar General, and Broadcom. The November jobs report, set to be unveiled on Friday, becomes the North Star, offering insights into the labor market’s temperature. Join us as we dissect the intricacies of the upcoming week, navigating the economic tides for signs of a smooth transition.

Soft Landing

Setting Sail: November’s Surprising Market Rally

The month of November witnessed a market rally, marking the best performance of the year for stocks. The Nasdaq Composite soared 10.7%, the S&P 500 added 8.9%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose about 8.8%. However, the looming question is whether this upward trajectory can be sustained. Investors are on the lookout for signs of a “soft landing” in the labor market, as the Federal Reserve enters a quiet period before its upcoming meeting on December 12.

Charting the Course: Anticipation Surrounding the November Jobs Report

In the spotlight is the eagerly anticipated November jobs report. Analysts project an increase of 200,000 nonfarm payroll jobs, with the unemployment rate expected to remain steady at 3.9%. After a weaker-than-expected October, influenced by the United Auto Workers strikes, economists anticipate a rebound in job additions for November. Wells Fargo’s team of economists suggests that the end of strikes and a late survey week could boost payroll numbers, projecting an addition of 230,000 payrolls for the month.

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Economic Barometer: The Significance of the Jobs Report

The significance of the jobs report extends beyond numerical figures. Investors view it as a key factor in shaping market sentiment regarding the Federal Reserve’s stance on interest rates. The possibility of a “soft landing” hinges on the report showing job growth without exceeding expectations significantly. Such a scenario would suggest that the Fed’s rate hiking campaign might conclude without a major economic downturn, paving the way for inflation to return to 2%.

Market Waves: The Federal Reserve’s Cautious Stance

Amidst this economic landscape, eToro US investment analyst Callie Cox emphasizes the importance of continuity in job market trends. A continuation of positive trends signifies a healthy job market while addressing inflation concerns. The Federal Reserve, however, remains cautious, as reflected in Chair Jerome Powell’s recent remarks. Powell urged against premature conclusions about achieving a sufficiently restrictive stance and speculated on the timing of policy easing.

Navigating Quiet Waters: Market Response to Powell’s Comments

The market’s response to Powell’s comments was initially shaky, with stocks falling momentarily before rebounding. Market expectations for a Fed rate cut by the end of March increased to 64%, highlighting the sensitivity of investors to any hints of policy shifts.

Corporate Tides: Earnings Reports and Investor Risk Appetite

As the Federal Reserve assumes a quiet stance, economic data takes center stage for stock movement. Corporate earnings reports from J.M. Smucker, GameStop, Lululemon, Dollar General, and Broadcom will capture investor attention. Notably, GameStop and, both reporting earnings mid-week, have been momentum trades in 2023. The performance of these companies may offer insights into investor risk appetite, reflecting broader market trends.

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Table: Navigating the Weekly Calendar

Table: Weekly Calendar

DayEarningsEconomic Data
MondayGitLab (GTLB)Factory Orders, October (-2.7% expected, 2.8% previously); Durable Goods Orders, October final (-5.4% expected, -5.4% previously)
TuesdayAsana (ASAN), Autozone (AZO), Box (BOX), and moreS&P Global US Services PMI, November, final (50.8 previously); ISM Services, November (52.5 expected, 51.8 previously); JOLTS Job Openings, October (9.38 million expected, 9.55 million previously)
WednesdayCampbell Soup (CPB), Chargepoint (CHPT), and othersADP employment change, November (120,000 expected, 113,000 previously)
ThursdayBroadcom (AVGO), DocuSign (DOCU), and moreWeekly initial jobless claims, December 2 (221,000 expected, 218,000 previously)
FridayNo notable earningsNonfarm payrolls, November (+200,000 expected, +150,000 previously); U. of Mich. Consumer Sentiment, December preliminary (61.9 expected, 61.3 previously)

Market Sentiments: Analysts’ Cautious Optimism

Analysts remain cautious despite the positive market trends. Bank of America’s Savita Subramanian notes that we are still far from a market environment dominated by high conviction and euphoria. The coming week’s data will provide crucial insights into whether the market’s momentum can be sustained or if caution is warranted.

Conclusion on Soft Landing:

As we conclude our journey through the economic forecasts of the upcoming week, the spotlight remains on the November jobs report – a compass guiding investors through the seas of uncertainty. The term “Soft Landing” echoes in the air, with hopes that positive job market trends will pave the way for a smooth transition in economic policy. The Federal Reserve’s cautious optimism, coupled with the market’s anticipation, sets the stage for a week where economic data takes precedence. Investors brace themselves for potential shifts in market dynamics, seeking clues from earnings reports and economic indicators. In this intricate dance of data and sentiment, the quest for a “soft landing” continues to shape the narrative of economic optimism.

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