Lori Greiner is an American inventor, entrepreneur, and television personality. She is best known for her role as a Shark on ABC’s hit show, “Shark Tank,” where she invests in budding entrepreneurs and their innovative products. Greiner has created and marketed over 1,000 products, holds 120 U.S. and international patents, and is recognized as one of the most prolific inventors of retail products of our time.

Lori Greiner-Shark Tank USA
Lori Greiner-Shark Tank USA

Lori Greiner’s entrepreneurial journey began when she created an earring organizer in 1996, which she marketed and sold on QVC. The product was a huge success and sold over two million units. From there, she went on to create a variety of products, ranging from home organizers to jewelry and cosmetic organizers, kitchen gadgets, tech and travel solutions, and more.

Lori Greiner Success

Lori Greiner’s success as an entrepreneur comes from her sharp instincts and strong business sense. She is well known for being able to tell instantly if a product is a “hero or a zero,” and she has a 90% success rate on new items launched. She is hands-on in all facets of taking a product from concept and creation to market, and she oversees the legal and patent processes.

Greiner is also recognized for her impeccable negotiating skills and her uncanny ability to identify emerging brands and people and invest in them. She has helped many budding entrepreneurs turn their ideas into hit products and has invested in 10 of the top companies on “Shark Tank” to date.

Lori Greiner is a highly successful inventor and entrepreneur who is widely recognized for her role as one of the entrepreneurial investors and advisors on the hit TV show Shark Tank. Due to her vast experience and expertise, Lori is a much sought-after speaker for high-profile companies and events.

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Lori Greiner’s speeches are highly inspirational, covering her personal journey through words of wisdom, funny anecdotes, and poignant commentary about the world of business. Drawing on her years of experience as an entrepreneur, she shares valuable lessons learned and practical advice for achieving success in any field.

One of the key themes of Lori’s speeches is the importance of setting ambitious goals and working hard to achieve them. She encourages audiences to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, emphasizing the value of creativity, innovation, and persistence in achieving success.

Lori is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has a talent for electrifying every room she’s in. She brings a buzz to every event and inspires audiences to take action and achieve their goals. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business leader, or simply looking for inspiration, Lori Greiner’s speeches are sure to leave a lasting impact.

Beyond her entrepreneurial success, Greiner is also a philanthropist and believes strongly in giving back. Her company donates a substantial amount of their profits to a variety of charities annually, and she has been honored with the Sherry Lansing Woman of the Year Award and recognized by the Paley Center as an Important Woman in Television.

In her effort to “pay it forward,” Greiner wrote her first book, “Invent It, Sell It, Bank It” (Random House, 2014). The book is a national bestseller and was named one of the top 10 business books by Amazon.com and made Wall Street Journal’s top business books of 2014. It is a hands-on, nuts-and-bolts guide on how to turn an idea into a million dollar reality, covering topics such as taking an idea from concept to prototype, market research to manufacturing, patents and trademarks, retail and TV sales, funding, and more.

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In addition to her entrepreneurial success and philanthropy, Greiner is also a sought-after speaker for high-profile companies, inspiring others to achieve their goals and dreams. She offers in her book and on stage the recipe to achieve great success in an entertaining way, all while sharing her experience to benefit others.

Greiner is an inspiration to many as a strong role model who has achieved great success through hard work, sharp instincts, and a commitment to giving back. Follow her on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and on her own website, www.lorigreiner.com, to keep up with her latest ventures and learn from her experiences.

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