Once a dragon fierce and strong,  A population that could never be wrong,  But now, with numbers on the wane,  A nation's future is filled with pain.

A one-child policy, a cause of this plight,  For decades, it limited what was right,  But now the dragon's roar is faint,  As the population shrinks, a nation's taint.

An aging workforce, a heavy load,  A burden on the young, a heavy toad,  The dragon struggles to rise again,  As the future seems uncertain, a looming pain.

The world looked on in awe and fear,  As China's economy grew year after year,  But now, with numbers in decline,  The dragon's power is harder to find.

The dragon's social life is also at stake,  As traditional values, it's hard to make,  A nation torn, between old and new,  As it tries to find its way, a nation's skew.

The world watches on, in fear and hope,  As the dragon's fate, time will show,  Will it rise again, or fade away,  Only time will tell, what the future may.

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