The beginning of a problem

Apple introduced the Crash Detection feature for all iPhone 14 models, including the Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra and second-gen Watch SE


How it works

The feature combines various data points like gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, microphone, and GPS along with motion algorithms to detect a crash


The false alarms

Despite an update to the algorithm, the feature is still causing a lot of false alarms, leading to 911 dispatchers being inundated with distress calls


Reason behind false alerts

Roller coasters, hard falls, and even just moving too fast have all triggered the feature, leading to calls to emergency services.


The consequences

The false alerts are causing emergency call centers to struggle and phone operators are being forced to put real emergencies on hold to clarify the situation


The solution

Apple Confirmed the problem, Started optimization of the feature.  Problem persists. Some  suggesting, Apple should set up  own call center


Thanks for watching

Error in Automated Crash Detection feature highlights the importance of technology being designed with caution and sensitivity