Coal and renewables, a balance we seek  To power our homes and our factories sleek  Coal, a reliable source that's been tried and true  But its impact on the earth, we can't ignore too

Against the pollution and harm of old  Towards a path that's clean and bold  China accelerates, a construction pace  To keep up with demand and to save face

Renewables, a future that's bright and clean  But the technology is not yet fully seen  To balance these sources, a task at hand  To meet our needs and take a stand

But coal remains indispensable, a fact  As we strive for a future that's truly intact  With wind and solar, we'll make our mark  And leave behind a cleaner, brighter spark

So let us strive for a balance true  Between economic growth and what's good for the blue  For a future that's bright and free from harm  We must take action now, before it's too late to disarm.

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