Tesla's Fall A Poem on the Impact of Musk's Twitter Actions

Tesla, once a shining star,  Now fallen from the sky,  A company that was on the rise,  Now facing a fall, before our eyes.

Elon Musk, the man with a plan,  Who purchased Twitter, like a rogue fan.  With tweets that shook the market,  His actions, have caused a stir and a racket.

The share price fell, as investors flee,  With Musk's actions, causing uncertainty.  A leader who once inspired,  Now a cause of doubt, and a mire.

What was once a symbol of progress, Now a cautionary tale, of a leader's excess.  For in the world of business, as in life,  Actions, have consequences, that cut like a knife.

But even as the stock falls, and the future looks grim,  We must remember that success is never final, it's always about the swim.

For Musk and Tesla, this may be just a small stumble,  A momentary setback, on the path to greatness, that will soon crumble.

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