"Musk's Misleading Demo The Truth Behind Tesla's Autopilot"

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Tesla's demo, a show of pride,  A self-driving car, a future ride.  But emails now reveal, a staged display,  A hard-coded script, to make it all okay.

Musk's words on Twitter, so bold and true,   A car that drives itself, a future breakthrough.   But Summon, a feature promised with glee,   Released years later, with much less grandièe.

The parking demo, a crash and a fence,  A curb and some bushes, in this immense pretense.  Facts twisted and bent, a pattern so clear,  Tesla's Autopilot, a cause for fear.

Investigations and probes, a mounting tide,  NHTSA's concerns, can no longer be denied.  Criminal charges loom, a shadow so dark,  Tesla's reputation, at risk of a stark.

A lesson to learn, from this tale so true,  Honesty and transparency, the way to pursue.  For a future of trust, and a future so bright,  Honesty and integrity, the key to what's right.

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