"Google's Cut A Poem on Layoffs and Share Price"

Presentation by marketstodayus.com

Google, a giant in the tech world, A company that's always unfurled.  Innovation and progress, its driving force,  But now, a difficult decision, takes its course.

The layoffs, a hard pill to swallow,  For the 12000 employees, a difficult follow.  Their future uncertain, as they depart,  But the company, must play its part.

It's never easy, to say goodbye,  To colleagues, and friends, who were a part of the sky. 

But as the company moves forward, with a new plan, We hope that the layoffs, will be for the greater good of the brand.

For the employees, it's a time of change,  A new chapter, a new page to arrange.  Though it may be tough, they'll find their way,  And make new paths, as they pave their day.

The share price rises, as the news unfolds,  Investors seeing a future, that never grows old.  But as the dust settles, and the tears dry,  We must remember, that in business, hard choices never die.